About the GiddyUp Podcast

The GiddyUp Podcast is hosted by World Champion and 3 time Paralympian Don Elgin and his manager ‘JT’ Justin Tippett

JT and Don’s history goes back close to 20 years ago when they first met working at Australia Post when Justin was managing the contact centre and Don was ’employed’ by Australia Post as part of their Olympic Job Opportunity Program helping athletes to earn a living while they pursue their athletic careers.

The theory being that between competing and training Don would spend some time in the contact centre. It’s fair to say that Justin didn’t see much of Don for a few years, but despite this, they still managed to form a great friendship well after both left Australia Post for greener pastures.

For the past 7 years, Justin has managed Don, assisting with bookings for his motivational speaking business as well as helping with all things digital including the website, marketing, book sales and more.

Launching a podcast was on the agenda for a long time but with some added help with COVID and a bit more time on their hands, it provided the perfect opportunity to get things underway.

The show has changed formats and styles over time as the guys find their feet, trying to find the fine line between sharing opinions and views without causing offence.

It seemed to have settled into a format that seems to work – an hour (or so!) every week to share some funny news clips or news whilst allowing some time to still tackle some tough issues, share some jokes and leave the listeners with some great tips to help make their life a bit more awesome.

The show typically included some different segments including:

  • Whacky, Weird and Wonderful (news from around world that makes you go WTF!)
  • Lifehack of the week (some tips to make your life a bit easier)
  • Hero of the week (we highlight someone who deserves a shout out)
  • Geek of the Week (highlight of some amazing tech or science news for the week)
  • JT and Don’s pick of the week (it could be anything!)
  • Once upon a time (looking back at amazing history facts)
  • Tik Tok’s of the Week (we pick a couple of the best Tik Toks for the week)
  • Media Watch (a funny media clip from around the world)
  • Dad Joke of the Week (we all need a good laugh right?)
  • The Final Fling (some final words of wisdom for the week ahead)

The show is available via podcast (audio only) on all the usual locations like Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc as well as on video via Facebook and YouTube.

With COVID starting to open the world up again, Don decided it was time to have a crack at a full time job where he actually works, full time. Crazy huh! 

So with Don getting his head around the commitments of a full-time job and JT busy as always with the launch of a new industry association, GiddyUp is taking a little breather with the hope of returning sometime soon in 2023!