Special Edition with Danni DiToro

Danni DiToro

Don Elgin and Justin Tippett interview Australian Paralympic Legend Danni Di Toro.

If the name sounds familiar, Danni was in the news a lot as a 13-year-old when a wall collapsed on her at a school swimming carnival which left her a permanent paraplegic in 1988.

But rather than worry about ‘why me’, Danni has gone on to achieve remarkable success as an athlete including Australian Paralympian on the Year, World Number One (for tennis), co-captain with Kurt Fearnley at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and a host of other awards and achievements.

But it’s her take on life that is the most remarkable with Danni inspiring countless people from across the world from not only her on-field achievements but her work as a Youth Worker and speaking to thousands of people in schools, gyms, prisons and more.

Danni is truly an inspiring human being and this interview is one you don’t want to miss!

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