Reviews of the GiddyUp Podcast

We do the GiddyUp Podcast to try and bring some entertainment to the community as well as share some (hopefully!) interesting facts, opinions etc. in an environment where its OK to have a different opinion to someone else, but still get along and have a laugh, something this country seems to be forgetting how to do.

Below is some of the feedback received from listeners/viewers of the show.

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Light hearted listening!

January 30, 2024

Entertaining listening with a bit of humour & all round calamity. Makes for a great show!

Janine A

Response from GiddyUp Podcast

Thanks Janine, with JT behind the controls you can be assured there will be at least one calamity every week!


January 30, 2024

Great show guys, brightened up my evening even though we have different opinions about the wheelchair ball boy! Looking forward to next week

Jo Park

Response from GiddyUp Podcast

Thanks Jo, that’s exactly what we love – that its OK to have different views and still have a laugh!

Great Podcast

April 6, 2021

The most funniest and smartest humans I’ve ever listened to. Highly recommend!

Jimmy Solanki


February 26, 2021

love listening to these two blokes talk each week! Definitely worth tuning in for a listen.

Rachael Davidson

Entertaining from start to finish

February 24, 2021

Great podcast with entertaining segments, I like the boys take current topics & enjoy Dons closing words of advice.

Sam Ward