Woke alerts, swimming dumped from the Olympics and Apple Vision Pro

Don has been racking up the frequent flyer points again this week, visiting the home of the Geelong Cats and up to Sydney, where he joined us for tonight’s show (with a no-expenses spared backdrop).

And It might have been the Sydney air, but Don was certainly fired up for a few segments as JT and Don smashed through a wide range of topics, including:

  • Woke Alerts were popping up everywhere!
  • Should swimming be scrapped as a sport?
  • Apple’s Vision Pro – is it worth it?
  • Don takes aim at the AFL.
  • How Facebook is limiting what you see.
  • The return of the Money Whisperer with a great tip for parents on how to get your kids interested in money.
  • The guy who typed his way to a million.
  • An Apple related trivia quiz for the Wheel spin of the week.
  • Plus Dad Joke of the Week and lots more!


Listen to the episode below (or watch the video at the top of the page)!

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