Zooper Dooper confusion, emotional sunburn and why ducks have just been shafted.

Don might be on the road this week, but the show still goes on and it’s a cracker!

There are heaps of laughs, interesting facts and even some emotion packed into this week’s show, including:

  • Another Supermarket fail with a $0.00 saving on a local special.
  • An emotional Hero of Week segment tributing the recently announced Australians of the Year.
  • Our first local shoutout for Seta’s Cafe in Campbelltown NSW
  • One of the worst forms of water transport ever designed!
  • The inside scoop on Zooper Doopers and are we being scammed?
  • One of the strangest giraffes you’ll ever see.
  • Another failed Government promise that is just taking the pi$s.
  • Speaking of bulls$it government, a recent decision on Duck Hunting has fired up JT with this nomination of this week’s Dickhead of the Week – Victorian Minister for Environment, Steve Dimopoulos.
  • A great Life Hack for anyone with a job (or about to seek a new one!)
  • A fascinating trivia quiz for the Wheel spin of the week.
  • And a massive announcement for next week, Dad Joke of the Week and lots more!

Listen to the episode below (or watch the video at the top of the page)!

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