Subscribe to the GiddyUp Podcast

There are lots of ways you can subscribe to the GiddyUp Podcast depending on how you’d like to listen, watch and engage with the show.

Liking our page or following one of channels is the best way you can support the show and enjoy you stay up to date with everything that’s happening along with notifications of new episodes.


Like the GiddyUp Podcast page and you’ll receive an alert when the show is live plus you can join in! Comments, likes etc are a great way to contribute to the show and win some great prizes thanks to our sponsors.

Liking our Facebook page is a great way to stay across some of the funny clips, articles and stories from the show and it helps make the show visible to others and help build our audience.

How to like the GiddyUp Podcast on Facebook and support the show.


The show is also streamed live to YouTube so you can follow the GiddyUp Podcast page and watch and interact with the show live and watch all the previous episodes.

iTunes/Apple Podcasts

If you’d rather just listen to the show rather than watch just follow the GiddyUp Podcast on iTunes.

Many of our listeners enjoy listening to the podcast on the way to work, driving around, going for a walk/run, lying in the bath or just relaxing on the couch.


Similar to iTunes, you can subscribe to the GiddyUp Podcast on Spotify and get alerts whenever a new podcast is released.