Season 2

Listen to all the episodes from the Second Season of the GiddyUp Podcast featuring Don Elgin and Justin Tippett.

The show underwent a number of facelifts during season two with the most noticeable change the introduction to live shows via Facebook.

The live element introduced a lot more fun into the show enabling the interaction with listeners and thanks to the help of our sponsors, the rewarding in real-time of some great prizes!

In addition to being live, the format enabled the guys to introduce some visual components to the show including funny clips, images etc. You can still watch the shows directly on our Facebook page.

Of course, with a large part of the audience still listening via an audio Podcast, the challenge has been trying to ensure things still make sense or are funny regardless of which way you listen to the show!

You can listen to all the Season Two episodes below or they are still available on all the usual Podcast locations.