Giddy Up Podcast Season 3 Episode 3

Vic Lockdown 3.0 Special!


As Victoria goes into Lockdown 3.0,  JT and Donnie have stepped it up another notch with plenty of discussions, a cooking disaster and some truly incredible stories. 

In this week’s show:

  • Wacky, Weird & Wonderful –  London’s skinniest house, a loaded dog, escaping emu’s, missing cats and a world record pull up attempt that Donnie may just try and break. 
  • Geek of the Week – A new mobile phone wireless charging technology has been released, but would you actually use it?
  • Tik Tok – A new use for the road speed signs, some freaky head dancing, a dog having a great time on a sled and Joel Selwood makes a surprise visit. 
  • Lifehack of the Week –  Our first ever live life hack – and yes, it went as bad as you would expect with Don nearly burning the house down! 
  • You Bloody Ripper! – Three Cuban nationals rescued from a tropical island and the lastest suicide results reveal a better than expected outcome. 
  • Dad Joke of the Week – A dying man’s bedside confessions, a naughty parrot and two blondes get a little confused. 
  • JT’s Pick of the Week – The increasing problem of face mask pollution and what you can do to help reduce the impact to wildlife and local pets. 
  • Hero of the Week – Laurie Phillips paints a zebra crossing on the road to make things easier for his disabled wife to cross the road. 
  • Dickhead of the Week– The council that decided to remove the zebra crossing painted by Laurie Philipps (see above)
  • Once upon a time – A video from Steve Jobs recorded in 1985 about the future of computers. Eerily accurate? 
  • Media Watch – Some classic ZOOM meeting and live TV fails. 
  • Final Fling – The importance of talking to someone. 


This week’s prize winners

Thanks to our great sponsor the winner of the $100 Tradie voucher is Rosie E – Congratulations!

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