Justin Tippett

Justin is a man of many talents having a keen interest in websites, video, podcasts and most things tech!

His core expertise, however, revolves around the Customer Experience/Customer Service and Contact Centre industry and he is renowned as the leading expert on Contact Centres (e.g. call centres) in Australia and one of the top Customer Experience (CX) experts in the world.

Justin owns and manages a range of businesses that support the industry across the Asia-Pacific region including:

Australian Customer Experience Professionals Association (ACXPA) – A new industry association that connects the contact centre, customer service, customer experience and digital service professions in Australia.

CX Skills – Providing specialist training courses (online and onsite) for customer service, contact centres, workplace wellness, sales, and customer experience.

CX Consult – Specialist consulting to help businesses improve their contact centre (call centre) operations.

ACXPA Supplier Directory – the largest directory in Australia that lists businesses providing products and services related to customer service, customer experience, retail and more.

Where is the Call Centre? – a new service that enables Australian consumers to find businesses based on the location of their call centres. Launching in 2024!

CX Connect – a free service helping Australian businesses find and connect to Contact Centre Outsourcers, Contact Centre Technology providers and Contact Centre consultants. 

Outside of work

Justin has been quite open on the earlier podcasts about his adoption story and it certainly makes for fascinating listening so if you haven’t heard it already make sure you check out the earlier episodes from Season 1

He’s also been battling a number of injuries of late with 30 years of football and basketball catching up with him undergoing multiple surgeries on his back as well as a fusion in his neck over the past couple of years which has forced him to down the weights and most exercise as he recovers. 

Justin’s family situation is, well, let’s just say it’s confusing! Fast facts:

  • He was adopted at birth and again at one year old.
  • He has three sets of parents (two step-parents and birth parents).
  • He has met both birth parents however sadly both are now deceased.
  • He’s met the majority of his birth family on his Mum’s side who are scattered over Australia and Thailand.
  • He has two stepbrothers (Shaun and Jerram) and one step-sister (Joanne) who all live in Melbourne.
  • He has three half brothers (same birth father) Luke, Kye and Todd but has only met one of them (so far!), ironically the one who lives in Singapore! The other two live in Melbourne but have no interest in meeting 🙁
  • He has two children (Emily and Lucas) from a previous marriage and a cat, Oscar who makes the odd appearance on the show.
  • His hobby is reef tanks and after 15 years he still hasn’t figured it out. 
  • His partner Nant Nissen is one of the leading Men’s Health and Workplace Wellbeing professionals in the world and they live together in Cheltenham, Victoria. Nant loves dogs and wombats.

Justin and his partner Nant.