Giddy Up Podcast Season 3 Episode 10

Crazy cures for COVID and the secret to long life

Don and JT have scoured the internet to bring you some of the crazy things happening around the world along with a few things a bit closer to home.

In this week’s show:

  • Once Upon a Time – What happened on these dates in history, from the final episode of Beverley Hills 90210 to the first Shrek movie being released.
  • Wacky, Weird & Wonderful – India’s new cure for COVID, a woman loses her $18M lotto ticket, the secret to old age and the robot takeover has begun.
  • Di#$head of the Week – Elon Musk’s reputation has taken a hit as he caused a crash of the Crypto market.
  • You Bloody Ripper – Two US citizens receive $96 million in damages after being jailed for 31 years for a crime they didn’t commit.
  • Geek of the Week – Levitating hot dog cooker – the gadget you never knew you needed.
  • JT’s Pick of the Week – We didn’t get to JT’s segment this week which is probably a good thing as he was going to take aim at the medical industry.
  • Hero of the Week – This one is close to home as Don pays tribute to someone who deserves all the accolades.
  • Don’s Pick – Don takes a look at some of the famous amputees after Australian icon Bert Newton, had a leg removed to save his life.
  • The Health Whisperer – Global Health & Wellness expert Nant Nissen set us all a task to work out what are your health non-negotiables.
  • The Money Whisperer – Some more wise tips from the smartest man in the money business!
  • Tik Tok’s of the Week – A cat uses up one of its lives and a kind deed for an elderly lady.
  • Life Hacks of the Week – Don has a tip that involved frozen chips. Not sure about this one…
  • Yarra Valley Big Cat Beer Company Prize Draw – Mick Duffy announces the winner of our latest prize pack
  • Dad Joke of the Week – The jokes got a rest this week after JT introduced a new segment, who am I?
  • Media Watch – What happens when a weatherman decides he’s had enough during a live broadcast.
  • Down Under – Australia’s longest-serving politician
  • Final Fling – How to get motivated!


  1. Listen for the secret phrase to win a voucher on next week (make sure you send it in to us and use the whole phrase)
  2. Send in any questions you’d like the Health Whisperer or Money Whisperer to respond to.

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