Special Edition with Nant Nissen

Nant Nissen

In the latest special edition of the GiddyUp Podcast JT and Don interview health & wellness expert Nant Nissen. Now JT may be a bit bias here as Nant is his beautiful partner but no questions were still off-limits which let’s face it, with Don on the interview was always going to happen!

In a world full of influencers and reality show contestants suddenly becoming ‘health experts’, Nant is the real deal with close to 30 years of experience (and numerous qualifications and professional accreditations) working in the health & wellness industry.

From her own incredible story of how she got started, Nant has now helped thousands of people all over the world achieve optimum health and we are looking forward to Nant joining us each week on the GiddyUp Podcast to provide some great tips to improve your health.

Nant Nissen and partner Justin Tippett in Sydney

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