Ham ban, spiders, baby shark and fat shaming

Don was on the road again somewhere up in NSW, but that didn’t stop us from bringing you a Valentine’s Day special!

We covered plenty of interesting and amusing stories, facts and segments in the show including:

  • Naked Attraction – are you game?
  • The Brazilian Wandering Spider and its link to, well, helping men with a hard solution…
  • Should airlines start weighing passengers and linking it to the price?
  • Another woke alert with WA School banning ham from school lunches.
  • How one Superbowl ad really got everyone talking.
  • A first-ever glimpse of a baby great white shark.
  • The Money Whisperer with some great home loan tips.
  • A Valentine’s Day-themed trivia quiz for the Wheel spin of the week.
  • Plus Dad Joke of the Week and lots more!

Listen to the episode below (or watch the video at the top of the page)!

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