Giddy Up Podcast Season 3 Episode 9

Donnie kicks a goal and loses a leg!

In tonight’s live show Donnie was fired up after kicking his first goal albeit it came at the price of literally losing his leg!

It’s a bumper show with two live crosses and heaps of prize giveaways with all the usual segments:

In this week’s show:

  • Wacky, Weird & Wonderful – Mistaking eye drops for glue is never going to end well and a woman was arrested for not returning a VHS tape resulting in a criminal record.
  • Once Upon a Time – Loch Ness Monster was first sighted back in 1933 and Osama bin Laden was killed by US troops in 2011.
  • Di#$head of the Week – The Kingston City Council came under fire for a diversity and inclusion program that angered students and parents alike.
  • You Bloody Ripper – A new study has revealed what ages we don’t care about others opinions, become content with our careers and body.
  • Geek of the Week – NASA takes flight on MARS with the lift-off of the Ingenuity Helicopter.
  • Discussion Time – OK to take naked photos with your kids?
  • JT’s Pick of the Week – Oxygen is produced on MARS by the MOXIE device paving the way for humans to live on MARS.
  • Hero of the Week – Don has an absolute ripper for you…
  • Don’s Pick – Don talks up the Poweroos, Australia’s top-ranked sports team.
  • Health Whisperer – Health & Wellness expert Nant Nissen joins us live to explain why diets don’t work and won’t work.
  • The Money Whisperer – Some tips on home loans and how to help your kids learn about money.
  • The prize wheel – Congratulations to Spiro for winning a $100 voucher that can be used to purchase anything on their website!
  • Tik Tok’s of the Week – An old man on a swing, cars attempting a river crossing, a gross act with a pony and car parking in the future.
  • Life Hacks of the Week – Lazy Susan’s in the fridge, storing bed sheets in the pillowcases and an update on the Coles/Woolworths self-service trolley hack.
  • Yarra Valley Big Cat Beer Company Prize Draw – Mick Duffy announces the new competition for next week’s show and he throws in an extra prize drawn live on the show. Congrats to Ben S for winning the Mothers Day prize.
  • Dad Joke of the Week – The priest goes for a drive and some twins with some interesting names.
  • Media Watch – Cocky’s taking over Nowra and we watch another classic Aussie TV commercial.
  • Final Fling – The fear of public speaking and some tips to overcome it.


  1. Listen for the secret phrase to win a voucher on next week (make sure you send it in to us and use the whole phrase)
  2. Send us in your best story about a time you’ve had to sneak in someone or somewhere to win a great prize pack from the Yarra Valley Big Cat Beer Company!
  3. Send us in your favourite ad on Australian TV
  4. Send in any questions you’d like the Health Whisperer or Money Whisperer to respond to.

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