Dental work, ball kids, scammers and a good shoplifter!

The first show is done and dusted, and in episode two we’ve got more of your favourite segments and a few new ones, all jam-packed into a roughly 45-minute LIVE show.

In this episode, Donnie has upped the dress code (it wouldn’t be hard after Episode 1!) so sit back for a great mix of laughs, information and inspiration, including:

  • Sky Diving that didn’t quite go to plan.
  • Someone who won’t be winning Dad of the Year (hint: the kid died).
  • The scammer caught sending millions of scam texts.
  • How The Rock was busted for shoplifting and what he did about it to make amends.
  • The Australian Open Ball Kids getting ripped off.
  • And lots more, including Dad Joke of the Week!

Listen to the episode below (or watch the video at the top of the page)!

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