How to review our Podcast

How to review the GiddyUp Podcast

If you’d like to help steer the direction of the Giddy Up Podcast and help the boys grow their audience, writing a review is one of the best ways you can help. OK sure, throwing cash at the guys is also appreciated but we figured that might be stretching the friendship just a little!

We’ve listed below how and where to write a review for the Giddy Up Podcast.

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Apple Podcasts/iTunes

Nothing carries more weight than an Itunes/Apple Podcast review and it can really help propel the Giddy Up Podcast up the Podcast charts so it can reach more listeners. If you aren’t sure on how to write the review we’ve written this helpful guide > 

Write a review on iTUNES

writing a review for the giddy up podcast

Write one here!

If you don’t tune in on iTunes or Spotify etc you can just write a review right here.