Giddy Up Podcast Episode 4

JT and Don back to explain why they pulled the original Episode 4 before they dive into all the regular segments including hearing from this weeks celebrity guest, Ricky Nixon.

In this week’s Giddy Up Podcast Episode 4 the guys discuss:

  • What got your attention this week? Apologies, legal matters, polarising figures, name changing and Don getting back on the tools. 
  • Media watch – A footy related blooper that went way below the belt. 
  • Lifehack of the week – With so many people struggling with cash flow at the moment we look at a great tip to get things back on track. 
  • Heroes and zeroes – Triple M gets a massive pat on the back for their focus on an issue that impacts everyone. 
  • Celebrity rewind – Mention the name Ricky Nixon and most people have an opinion. We hear directly from the man himself. 
  • Dad joke of the week – Just when you think they couldn’t get any worse… 
  • Customer Service Blowtorch – JT starts off with a good news story but things go quickly south on a recent problem he had in the bedroom. 
  • Audience Q&A – It’s the story that has captured everyone’s attention as JT shares more of his adoption story.