Giddy Up Podcast Season 3 Episode 12

New format, flying cats & a whale of a story

In this new look-show (we’ve tweaked the show to improve the podcast component) we covered a heap of great stories including:

  • How a family cremated the wrong cat
  • A world-record Skydiving attempt (Naked!)
  • Just when you thought spiders couldn’t be any more terrifying
  • A whale of a story that just happens to be true – The World’s longest eyelashes
  • Some great TicTok videos including bubble bullfighting, a smart cat, a cat saving a kid, a dolphin following a surfer and a rather rude explanation of a goat.
  • A great shout-out to some local legends helping out some Victorians doing it tough after the recent storms
  • Don takes aim at Caroline Wilson after her comments throughout the week on players returning home to be with their family
  • JT gives us some insight into new research that shows that ants may be a whole lot smarter than we thought
  • How a pork burrito lead to a 4-year drug ban
  • Some crazy restrictions in Vic that have riled Don up
  • A soccer player who really stepped up to the plate when it really mattered
  • Two Dad jokes from JT that, well, maybe you just need to hear them…
  • Our Health expert Nant Nissen explains the importance of understanding your health results.
  • Some incredible footage of a cat in a place it should never be
  • A great Who Am I to win the Yarra Valley Big Cat Beer Company sample pack
  • The big wheel spin to win a $100 voucher for identifying the secret codeword in tonight’s show.


  1. Listen for the secret phrase to win a voucher on next week (make sure you send it in to us and use the whole phrase)
  2. Send in any questions you’d like the Health Whisperer or Money Whisperer to respond to.

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