Giddy Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 3

We’re blushing!

Awesome feedback has been flowing in all week from the last episode so tune in for great laughs and interesting stories and find out why the GiddyUp Podcast continues to fly up the charts!

In this week’s show:

  • Whacky, weird & Wonderful –  When cows strike back, a novel approach by NASA, a tall bloke finally being laid to rest, a dog with a sock fetish and why a lot of sharks are hoping they aren’t part of the solution for a COVID vaccine.
    Geek of the Week – An awesome iPhone hack that will change your life!
    You Bloody Ripper – Is lockdown finally coming to an end in Victoria? And a great story about a US veteran receiving some community love.
    Bizarre News Stories – Solar bikinis, sun tanning your perineum and the Tiger King pumpkin.
    Once upon a time – A spooky story about grave snatchers which gives a new the meaning ‘stiff drink’ a whole new perspective.
    Don’s Pick of the Week – How a 5 year old girl had a rather ‘unfortunate’ mixup with lube.
    What’s happening with GEN Z – School is back this week for more Vic students and we look at the Dream Challenge that is going viral on TikTok.
    Down Under – Some great stats about Australia!
    Lifehack of the Week – How to remove pet hair and some tips that will save you money on your heating and cooling costs.
    12 Rounds with JT and Donnie – This week the boys go head to head with the founder of Kokoda Spirit, Wayne Wetherall.
    Hero of the Week – This weeks hero is of the animal kind – a great story about golden labrador.
    Pro Tip of the Week– The Money Whisperer provides a hot tip on shares you should be loading up on.
    Dickhead of the Week– The villain this week is a family in the Northern Suburbs of Vic that may have just extended the lockdown in Victoria.
    JT’s Pick of the Week– JT talks about a unique approach in Japan to keeping track of people with dementia.
    Dad Joke of the Week– This week it’s a Collingwood Mum and we go looking at the stars with the Lone Ranger and Tonto.
    Final Fling– Don leaves you with a great tip on how to use emotion to help you make decisions.

Did we say prizes???

Thanks to our great sponsors and TomEm, listener Billy cleaned up both prizes!