Giddy Up Podcast Episode 13

JT and Donnie bring you the Giddy Up Podcast Episode 13 with award-winning dad jokes, the latest news, footy fights, Donnie’s singing debut and lots more.

What’s on this week’s segments?

  • What got your attention this week? Donnie makes his singing debut, changes to travel insurance, the tragic news of the livestock carrier sinking near Japan, handcuffing Victorians, the best show on Netflix, the bizarre story of the funeral crasher and a whole lot more!
  • JT’s Adoption Journey – JT reveals the moment he met his half brother for the first time at 47 years old.
  • Media watch – Channel 10’s Cameron Broad reveals a classic way of dealing with drunken idiots interrupting his live feed. 
  • Don’s Diary – Car crashes, broken ribs, footy fights and Mums birthday. This one has everything!
  • Lifehack of the week – How to keep your wine cool and make sure you drink enough water (no, the two aren’t related!)
  • Heroes and zeroes – A massive shout-out to Fresca Melvin who is doing her bit to help those in domestic abuse situations. 
  • Celebrity rewind – This week’s celebrity is Australian Gold Medallist Jo Clark (nee Fox) who shares her story how she ended up in her sport and what she would tell her younger self if she got the chance. 
  • Dad joke of the week – Congratulations to listener Paul Wat for his now award-winning Dad joke about a magic lamp at a bar. JT also shares a great golf joke about a genie… 
  • Customer Service Blowtorch – This week it’s tech giant Apple in the gun after a recent software upgrade has caused havoc for lots of users.
  • Audience Q&A – Big shout out to Peter Santiago from Advantage Kitchens who despite doing it tough themselves, are doing their best to help out other local manufacturers. 

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