Giddy Up Podcast Episode 15

This week on the Giddy Up Podcast Episode 14 JT gets a bit carried away with his dad jokes, there’s heaps of news, Don’s footy fail, cleavage, Aussie Post and loads more.

What’s on this week’s segments?

As well as our regular segments we are thrilled to announce another new sponsor with coming on board as our new ‘Mystery Word’ sponsor each week so if you’re looking for some quality technology at a fraction of the price for the equivalent branded product make sure you check them out!
  • What got your attention this week? The Kardashians, Tik Tok, Aussie Post, RCH, RUOK, COVID fines, QLD Health Minister, single-use plastics, Tony Robbins rip-off, Apple launch, expensive items, shark cull, bushfires, too much cleavage, a great new product from Praise, TedXLondon losing the plot and the missing MV Gulf Livestock.  
  • JT’s Adoption Journey – The final chapter in the story (for now!) when JT finally catches up with this brother. 
  • Media watch – 3AW get some interesting calls late at night (parental discretion required for this one…)
  • Don’s Diary – After getting inspired by watching ‘God’ Ablett, Donnie decides to take the game on but may end up losing a bit more than he can handle… 
  • Lifehack of the week – A trick to worry less, getting some routine in your life and an unusual book recommendation. 
  • Heroes and zeroes – Some changes to the segment as we salute the founder of the RUOK movement.  
  • Celebrity rewind – Don announces further changes to the segment as JT starts to question Don’s celebrity network… 
  • Dad joke of the week – JT is in overdrive this week with a heap of Dad Jokes although the jury is still out on the quality… 
  • Customer Service Blowtorch – JT explains the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience and what it means for you.
  • Audience Q&A – We announce the winner of the $150 Tradie Voucher for the Father of the Year

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