Giddy Up Podcast Episode 9

Job slashing, name changing, the great shrinkage rip off, how to remember names, JT’s adoption and even Jimmy Barnes gets a mention all in the Giddy Up Podcast Episode 9.

What’s on this week’s segments?

  • What got your attention this week? Vic might be in lockdown but we share some funny news on COVID, job slashes, behind the scenes at the AFL, when homeschooling goes wrong, public servants pay rise, 60 minutes rip off, the great shrinkage rip off, more name changes and a whole lot more.
  • JT’s Journey – We find out how JT’s relationship with his birth father has progressed after they first met when he was 40.
  • Media watch – We’ve found a clip hot off the press from this week thanks to Channel 9 news.
  • Don’s Diary – Don turns 12 and nearly beats Swifty – not sure if it’s something cat lovers would want to hear though… 
  • Lifehack of the week – Some great tips on how to remember somebody’s name. 
  • Heroes and zeroes – An Australian music legend gets a big shout-out and Don rips into this weeks Zero from Frankston, Victoria.
  • Celebrity rewind – Each week Don brings as a celebrity and this week he had a surprise even JT didn’t see coming. 
  • Dad joke of the week – Another two classics from JT featuring an escaped convict, the devil and even an idiot.
  • Customer Service Blowtorch – Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures… 
  • Audience Q&A – Some shout outs and a few great stories from this week’s Q&A segment.

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