Giddy Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

Running like clockwork!

After the great feedback from the new format, JT and Donnie fronted up again with another bumper episode.

In this week’s show:

  • Whacky, weird & Wonderful –  Naughty Emus, transparent toilets, lottery tickets, a new world record for stacking ice cream scoops, the new name for Eskimo Pie and scientists bring back to life a microbe over 100 million years old.
  • Geek of the Week – JT tries to wrap his head around the fact some insects and bird see the world in slow motion and he gives us the scoop on what will be announced at the Apple event on Wednesday.
  • You Bloody Ripper – A South Australian lady wins lotto but how did she get the winning numbers? And for parents in Victoria, joy as kids finally go back to school.
  • Bizarre News Stories – Tall Giraffes being killed by lightning, a coffin put out for hard rubbish, a rare orange lobster found (alive!), the US presidential update and how you can literally hide in a cave and a cat purchase that ended up being something a little different.
  • Once upon a time – Why Pope Gregory IX decided to eradicate cats (it didn’t end well) and a freaky (but true) story about the Titanic you just have to hear.
  • Don’s Pick of the Week – You won’t believe who just got the world record for planking.
  • What’s happening with GEN Z – True to form they gave us absolutely nothing this week as they were too busy watching Youtube and gaming.
  • Down Under – We pay tribute to the workers who lost their lives on the Westgate bridge that collapsed 50 years ago to the day.
  • Lifehack of the Week – How to stop eating snacks when you go to functions and how to avoid getting absolutely smashed.
  • 12 Rounds with JT and Donnie – This week the boys go head to head with former AFL player and media star Michael Roberts.
  • Hero of the Week – This weeks hero is Polish tennis player Iga Swiatek who just won the French Open!
  • Pro Tip of the Week– The Money Whisperer provides a great tip on how to save money on your home loan
  • Dickhead of the Week– This week the prize goes to our listener Nant for her nomination of Daniel Andrews.
  • JT’s Pick of the Week– A rat named Magawa wins a gold medal for his work on sniffing out unexploded land mines.
  • Dad Joke of the Week– A shipwreck leads to a remarkable woman making a remarkable impression.
  • Final Fling– Don leaves you with a great tip on how to get your day (and week) off to a great start through meditation.

Did we say prizes???

Thanks to our great sponsor TomEm, two lucky listeners have received some of the latest technology:

  • Paul Wat for providing the best comment during the live recording
  • Ben Scott for being first in when Don said the magic codeword.