Giddy Up Podcast Episode 11

JT and Donnie bring you the Giddy Up Podcast Episode 11 with a huge announcement, JT’s adoption story cliffhanger and a whole lot more!

What’s on this week’s segments?

  • What got your attention this week? Cinema sex, Tiger King zoo closes, Aboriginal flag and Sydney Opera House copyright issues, Chapelle Corby debuts in a new show, who’s going to win the US election, DJ Dodgy Dan, the inside scoop on the NZ COVID outbreak, vaccinations, farmers caught up in crazy bureaucracy, new dog laws and more! 
  • JT’s Adoption Journey – Last week JT left is hanging on a cliffhanger and the story gets a whole lot more interesting this week. 
  • Media watch – Kochie and Natalie Barr discuss their links to a porn site. I’m thinking Kochie might want his time back… 
  • Don’s Diary – Don has taken on board the segment reviews and he unveils his new format and a fateful day on 7th August 1990.
  • Lifehack of the week – Some caution from Donnie on the impact using your Superannuation could have on future bank interactions and JT has a tip on how to find small loose items.
  • Heroes and zeroes – For the first time ever we’ve got the one person who could qualify for both – Mark Bouris. 
  • Celebrity rewind – Don has finally come through with the goods again with a long-time friend lending his voice and thoughts to the segment.
  • Dad joke of the week – This week its the unfortunate execution of a train conductor and a mafia boss who’s not too happy.
  • Customer Service Blowtorch – The Commonwealth Bank is in the firing line for their terrible fraud detection process. 
  • Audience Q&A – JT and Don discuss some topics sent in by our audience. 

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