Giddy Up Podcast Episode 12

JT and Donnie bring you the Giddy Up Podcast Episode 12 discussing current news, a close call with lightning, some great prizes, bad joke and more!

What’s on this week’s segments?

  • What got your attention this week? Dodgy scam calls, a stuff up on a new law, the sentencing of an Aussie flog, Melbourne’s new tallest building suddenly appears, Australia’s new logo officially ditched, why NBA players need to pull their head in and a whole lot more!  
  • JT’s Adoption Journey – We go from one cliffhanger to the next as we find out who the mystery person was JT met at his Father’s funeral.
  • Media watch – This one from the USA with a suspected ‘bomb’ forcing the evacuation of a Home Depot Store.
  • Don’s Diary – Don shares a moment where it was nearly all over if it wasn’t for his artificial leg saving his life.
  • Lifehack of the week – This week we handed it over the audience with one lucky person winning a $150 Tradie voucher for their great tip!
  • Heroes and zeroes – A moving tribute to the heroes this week, the survivors of the NZ Massacre. 
  • Celebrity rewind – We here from former AFL star Glenn Manton who provides a short and sharp moment. 
  • Dad joke of the week – A horse with some instructional issues and a COVID patient having some communication issues in the hospital.
  • Customer Service Blowtorch – We learn why call centres ask that irritating question at the end of every phone call. 
  • Audience Q&A – Dammit, knew we forgot something! We do reveal how to win a $150 Tradie voucher for next week though 🙂 

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